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Morning Pickup

Wiggins Vs. Parker


After reclassifying Andrew Wiggins became the number one high school recruit surpassing  Jabari Parker.  Wiggins is widely regarded as the best prospect since Lebron James, and his hype has made the former #1 player Parker an after thought.  Let’s compare the top two players in the Class of 2013 on a variety of skills.


Wiggins- 6’7″ 205

Parker- 6’8″ 220

Post Presence:

Avantage- Parker

Standing at 6’8 Parker is an absolute force in the paint.  He can score with both hands and man handle defenders.  Parker likes to play in the post unlike Wiggins who prefers to stay on the perimeter drive and dunk on defenders.  Parker gets the early edge


Advantage- Parker

Wiggins still hasn’t been forced to develop his jump shot considering he’s been unstoppable slashing to the rim. His mid range game is decent but he lacks range.  Parker on the other hand can shoot it with confidence from almost anywhere on the court.  His three ball has developed through his high school years and his mid range game is lethal.  Once again advantage Parker.


Advantage- Wiggins

This is were Andrew Wiggins shines, he is one of the most athletic prospects in years.  He is deadly in the lane especially with his patent spin move and puts down dunks on defenders with ease. Parker is not far behind but, he does not have the explosive lane presence like Wiggins.  Edge goes to Wiggins


Advantage – Wiggins

Wiggins gets the slight edge because he is very quick on the perimeter. Parker is slower and better on the post, but Wiggins can defend both spots well.  When it comes to blocking shot Wiggins and Parker are the same in my eyes.  Edge Wiggins


Advantage – Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins is an elite athlete and can finish above the rim like a pro.  Jabari Parker doesn’t possess the same level of athletic ability, but he’s no slouch.  Parker is a sneaky athlete like a young Paul Pierce was.  Both have a decent touch around the rim and great body control.  Overall Wiggins is a great slasher and simply the better athlete.


Advantage – Parker

Jabari Parker has developed a solid perimeter game and he can create shots off the dribble.  Wiggins at this point depends on straight line drives and lacks a creative handle.


Once again Parker edges out Wiggins.  Parker is able to play with the ball in his hands and make plays finding teammates.  Wiggins isn’t selfish but he’s looking to score when he drives and his marginal handle limits his ability to create for others.


Advantage – Wiggins

After a close look into both players’ skillsets Wiggins deserves to be ranked the number one player in the country, but not by much.  Parker has a slightly superior skillset and only lacks in his ability to impact the game.  This season should be fun watching both guys play for their respective teams.

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